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Special Events

Growing Exotic Mushrooms

June 23, 2024


Williams Lake

Join Bryden Kohnke, owner of Mushroom Monarchy, for an extraordinary introduction to growing your own gourmet mushrooms. This course is designed for beginners who have never grown mushrooms before, as well as hobbyists who’d like to take their techniques to the next level. Drawing from his experience as a commercial mushroom farmer, Bryden will share his techniques for creating efficient and successful mushroom colonies. He will also briefly explore the myriad of alternative methods that hobbyists can pursue to grow mushrooms. During this course, we will cover the entire growing process from liquid cultures, to spores, to fruiting. Participants will practice taking pre-made grain spawn to fruiting utilizing a kit provided to take home and immediately start growing their own Pink Oyster mushrooms! The kit includes essential tools such as a still-air box, alcohol mister, and a self-made block spawn for colonizing and fruiting mushrooms. By the end, each participant will have a good understanding of how to plant and care for their own gourmet mushrooms. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert farmer!

Meet the Facilitator

Bryden Kohnke is a small town, family man from Williams Lake, BC. He has been growing mushrooms as a hobby for over ten years and running mushroom-related businesses for the past six years. Bryden recently returned to Williams Lake and began his new farm Mushroom Monarchy. As Mushroom Monarchy has expanded, Bryden has begun to provide even more products besides incredibly fresh grown mushrooms to his customers including tinctures, freeze-dried products, and growing supplies. He has mentored people all over the world sharing his growing techniques and business expertise.