Sponsor a Child

Help a child’s love for nature grow

Two kids running around for a scavenger hunt, part of the sponsor a child program
Group of kids in the Wild & Immersive Youth Group Camp hiking along a forest trail

As part of our dedication to ensuring all children have access to the outdoors, we’re offering a unique opportunity for families who feel passionate about this cause and want to help.

With your help, we can fully sponsor a child’s attendance for one of our Maple Ridge programs and help them create a lifelong love of the outdoors.

Ways to support

Forest School
$1,500 to sponsor a child for a year

Spring or Summer Camps
$55 for 1-day program
$275-$375 for a week-long program

Field Trips
$400 to sponsor a class to come for a field trip

Can’t afford to sponsor a child but still want to help out? Head over to our donation page to see other ways you can assist.