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Special Events

Tiny Homes 101

September 14, 2024


Williams Lake

An Introduction to Designing, Building, and Living Tiny with Kenton Zerbin

Join tiny house dweller and educator, Kenton Zerbin, for a day dedicated to all things tiny homes. Whether you are just curious or are a passionate tiny house enthusiast, this full-day workshop will open your eyes to the life and journey of becoming a tiny house owner. Covering fundamental aspects such as cold-climate home construction and legal considerations, as well as delving into space-efficient design and utility systems, this workshop serves as your condensed guide to the world of tiny living. Listen to stories, acquire valuable insights, and walk away inspired to live more with less.

Meet the Facilitator

Meet Kenton Zerbin; tiny house dweller, Permaculture teacher, visionary for regenerative living. Starting his career as a teacher in the school system, Kenton quickly saw the constraints of a well-intentioned system that was failing to prepare us for life on Earth. On a quest that took him around the world, he became an international Permaculture designer and teacher and now inspires and enables others to create efficient homes, thriving landscapes, and resilient communities. Along the way, Kenton has designed edible landscapes for individuals, communities, and cities, started a school for Permaculture in Barbados, built his own off-grid tiny house, and produced a tiny house docu-series for the edu-tainment industry. Joining us from Kelowna, BC, Canada, Kenton is in the midst of launching a Permaculture school and community.