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Wild at Home | Weekly Challenge 1 | Poet-Tree

Coloured Pencils in a box highlighting the Wild at Home activities

Wild@Home Weekly Challenge – What is it? + Weekly Challenge #1

‘Wild@Home activities are a series of weekly challenges created by the Wild & Immersive team at the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. They are designed to keep youth engaged with the great outdoors, your creative side and connected with others all while being safe from the comfort of your own home during these uncertain times precedent by the COVID- 19 pandemic, social distancing, and isolation for some. 

Every Monday, we will present you with a new challenge. You will have the week to complete your submission and send it to Wild & Immersive. Friday we will share the submissions we received with our community on social media. From creative arts like poetry, colouring and drawing to interactive outdoor activities such as nature art, bingo and scavenger hunts, Wild@Home is a fun way for children, youth and families to remain connected with one another while still enjoying the outdoors and nature around us (and still practicing social distancing of course!). 

Wild at Home Challenge #1 – A Poet-Tree

This week’s Wild@Home challenge is a Poet-Tree! A Poet-Tree is a wonderful creation made by the collaboration of individuals writing poems on a single leaf template.

Wild @ Home Poet-Tree (Oblong Leaf)
Wild @ Home Poet-Tree (Maple Leaf)
Wild @ Home Poet-Tree (Standard Leaf)
Wild @ Home Poet-Tree (Standard Leaf)

Once they have completed their poem the leaf is added to the tree which becomes full of life and creativity blooming with the words of those who have contributed their part. A poet-tree, just like a real tree can hold so much detail and uniqueness in each leaf which makes up the overall beauty when it stands tall altogether.

Fill in your poem manually or electronically and submit a photo/scan of it to Wild & Immersive either via Instagram, Facebook or E-mail by Friday, April 3rd. We will review your submissions.

Keep your eyes peeled to our stories to see your submission and our overall Poet-Tree at the end of the week!

 – Wild & Immersive