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Best Nature Crafts for Kids

Kid twirling a stick

If you’re a parent with kids, or of a similar age to other parents with kids, you’re sure to remember all the nature crafts you used to make as a kid. Crafts using stones, leaves, branches, pinecones, and moss. Creating nature crafts for kids used to be a time-tested pastime that seems to have gone a little bit out of style. At Wild&Immersive, we’re famous for using our natural world as a source of learning, creativity, and fun and we want to reignite our connection to nature.

If your family is looking for things to do, we have some great solutions you can use. We recommend going on a hike first and then creating crafts with found materials. It makes the process more identifiable, and personal, and better yet, if you can share a picture of the planned crafts with your kids first, they will be goal-oriented once they arrive on their hike.

Stones painted to look like two owls on a branch
Painted Stones: Like the pinecone animal, kids can use acrylic paint, pencil crayons, and pastels, and in using the natural contours of stones can create people, animals, cars, trucks, sunsets, and city scenes.

Painted Walking Sticks
Painted Walked Sticks: Get out some acrylic paint, put on your favourite painting clothes, and start painting some walking stick works-of-art today!

A deer made out of leaves
Making leaf people and animals: Using leaves, some glue, and other founds items, kids can create a natural world of quirky characters and fun scenes they can tell you about.

Yarned Walking Sticks
Yarned Walking Sticks: With spools of yarn in hand get your kids to wrap their branches and make colourful walking sticks. Wonderful for motor-skills development!

DIY Christmas tree made out of sticks and christmas balls
Hanging Ornamental Racks: Create a natural hanging rack that your kids can suspend ornaments from. Whether itโ€™s Christmas Tree (like the image) or an abstract work of natural art, your kids will love show off their handiwork

DIY Craft Owl with a pinecone body
Pinecone animals: This may mean a trip to the art store to pick-up some glue and wobbly eyes, but paint can work too!

Homemade dreamcatcher
DIY Dreamcatcher: Using a centred out paper plate, or an old gasket from a glass jar, or any other mid-sized ring, some string, and any natural ornament kids can think of, you can create a meaning craft that’s good for a few hours of entertainment and a lot of fun!
Fairy Door among forest greenery
Fairy Doors: Whether your child adds some colour and design to a found rock, assembles twigs and branches, or they get a little help from a grown-up with something more intricate, fairy doors are sure to add some whimsy around the house. Once finished, rest the fairy door against a tree, fence, or wall and then be ready to keep an eye out for Tinkerbell ๐Ÿ™‚